SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt)

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SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt)


Elfriede Jelinek

‘he wants to fetch me, I guess, if need be as a shadow, he does not tolerate anything being taken from him.’

But what if Eurydice doesn’t want to return? Male salvation fantasies lose their appeal and the shadows of Hades their terror. What remains is the joy of no longer having to be looked at. Elfriede Jelinek’s take on the Orpheus myth approaches the story from the other side: in SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt) she plays with the possibility of an impossible situation in which the object of desire herself is given the opportunity to speak.



18 Oct to 5 Nov 2016 and

31 Aug to 5 Sept 2017 at the F23 in Vienna’s Liesing district

Premiere on 13 Oct 2016

April 2017 at the Odeïon in Salzburg

March 2018 at the Salzlager in Hall


with Sarah Melis Christina Scherrer Alexandra Sommerfeld

Directed by Sabine Mitterecker Sound design and live electronics by Wolfgang Musil Set by Notker Schweikhardt and Veronika Tupy Costumes by Amélie Haas Dramaturgical consultant Uwe Mattheiss




Sabine Mitterecker has divided the text among three actresses … Amplified via lavalier mics, their voices hover like shadows in the space, even when you’re not entirely sure where the corresponding bodies are. Which makes the subtly adapted text feel even more fresh, and it gives all three Eurydices plastic personalities. It makes you more than happy to fete them with their very own rock concert.
Martin Pesl | FALTER 

Sabine Mitterecker’s production uses the worn patina of the industrial former coffin factory F23 (how fitting). The audience moves around freely as a meandering crowd that the actresses part with their lines, breathing life into this witty text.
Margarete Affenzeller | DER STANDARD

… with the outstanding actresses Sarah Melis, Christina Scherrer, Alexandra Sommerfeld and the sound designer Wolfgang Musil in Vienna’s Liesing district … impressive!
Florian Krenstetter | Kronen Zeitung

Interview Margarete Affenzeller | Sabine Mitterecker in DER STANDARD




Jelinek at the Coffin Factory

On Taking Theatre Outside Its Traditional Institutions

With SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt) Elfriede Jelinek is following in the footsteps of Ovid, Monteverdi and Sigmund Freud. She has embarked on an expedition into the unconscious mind, to the site where constraints are placed on what we believe to be our freedom. Most shadows are cast where the light of reason shines brightest. The Enlightenment gave rise to new myths.

One of these myths was the perfect couple; man and woman complementing each other perfectly, the complete division of the world into binary units. Its hero is Orpheus, the singer from classical antiquity whose magical voice stops rivers flowing and defies death.

But how does Eurydice feel about him wanting to use his song to bring her back to life from Hades? The most beautiful lover’s oaths in the history of music have been written for her, but her own voice has seldom been heard over the centuries. Is this just another case of a man silencing a woman who has bowed to being an object of male desire?

Towards the end, the female voices in Elfriede Jelinek’s work answer that question with a firm no. Which doesn’t always come easy, bearing in mind they are constantly being tempted with compliments, vows to be faithful, entitlements to a pension and a ‘well-stocked wallet of love’. Mr Right seems to be coming closer but no one goes to meet him. The romantic comedy doesn’t materialise. Here, Hades is no realm of renunciation but rather a pleasurable place of unexpected freedom where the last word is ‘I am’.

Line by line, the Nobel prize-winning author of SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt) unravels the web of unconscious influences and real power relations that simultaneously bind the sexes together and distance them from one another.

Sabine Mitterecker, Wolfgang Musil, Sarah Melis, Christina Scherrer and Alexandra Sommerfeld have set out to survey the topography of Elfriede Jelinek’s text, to set individual strands of her linguistic composition free on the set. In this performance, the presence of the bodies and the images that the language evokes lend the words a fragile existence that goes beyond the text and makes it something we can experience with all our senses.

With SCHATTEN (Eurydike sagt) at the F23, the theatre has gone to what was once the city’s periphery and is now a centre of its expansion, thereby tapping into a new audience outside its traditional institutions.


April 2017 at the Odeïon in Salzburg

March 2018 at the Salzlager in Hall at the invitation of Innsbruck International and Osterfestival Tirol

Production Team

Technical director and lighting designer Tom Barcal Assistant director and stage manager Moritz Tonn Sound engineer Thomas Planitzer Assistant sound engineers Shayan Assadi and Wagner Felipe dos Santos (on the cajón) Make-up by Tina Wingrich Producer Siglind Güttler Press officer Barbara Pluch Documentation by Joerg Burger

Advance sales and box office by Veit Mitterecker

Assistance in Innsbruck by Susanne Preißl

Sound editing using the software greenspec by Günther Rabl

Artwork/graphics/photos by 3007 Eva Dranaz, Jochen Fill

Poster photo ©Karin Rocholl

Performance licence granted by Rowohlt Theater Verlag

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Supported by the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Vienna (MA7), Austrian Federal Chancellery

Thanks to Waltraud Bachinger HMA Architektur ImPuls Tanz – Vienna International Dance Festival District of Liesing Klangfarbe Wolfgang Mitterecker (architect) Roswitha Müllauer Salon Er-Ich Rotraut Schöberl Weinbau Kemetner and to all donors