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Oliver Bukowski

Austrian premiere – a co-production with dietheater Künstlerhaus

Guest You should see yourselves, you’re fantastic! Someone should pickle you and put you on show, your kind won’t be around much longer …

Guest  I would like to apologise. I honestly don’t know what got into me. When your

husband … well you must know, I’m a widower. No: no, I’m not a widower, nor a doctor of course. Well, how should I put it, I was … well, in short: I didn’t have much luck with such things. Not that I enjoy being alone, but something, I mean: could you imagine that a woman would … you know, with me?

She No.

Guest (sad) Exactly.


Edith I do.

Jutta That’s exactly how you say it in the registry office at the district headquarters and then, then as a co-pilot there’s no other way, you have to get into bed with him every now and then … and wait until it’s over. Just try to think of something pleasant. And if he drinks, make sure there’s always plenty in the house, then he’ll die sooner … And now go, he’s already waiting.

Oliver Bukowski awarded the 1999 Mülheim Dramatist Prize


27 Oct to 9 Nov 2000 at dietheater Künstlerhaus, Vienna

Premiere on 26 Oct 2000


with Michael Beerman Heidi Leupolt Julia Malik Ernst Christian Mathon Oliver Nitsche Wolfram Rupperti Alexandra Sommerfeld Susi Stach Eduard Wildner

Directed by Sabine Mitterecker Set by Notker Schweikhardt Costumes by Maria-Theresia Bartl and Vera Winkler Dramaturgical consultant Uwe Mattheiss




‘In this suspense-packed and disturbing play, the idyll is exposed as a human battlefield, which the director has staged perfectly with a superb ensemble.’ | news

‘Oliver Bukowski has written a thrilling, disturbing play, which Sabine Mitterecker has staged intensively and precisely at the Künstlerhaus. In the intentionally slow, at times stylized scenes, an excellent homogeneous ensemble makes Bukowski’s text triumph.’
Peter Jarolin / Kurier




Flourishing landscapes, flexible people, moving targets.

An area made desolate by recession.

A place far from the stimulating flows of information and capital. Almost an island, but not of the blessed. The old order has collapsed, a new one has yet to take hold. Two young people are ‘motivated’: Erich and Kathrin take the initiative. An old pigsty becomes a hotel. Now guests can come and turn the wasteland into a flourishing landscape. No provision is made for failure in their plan. Their hopes are pinned on the stimulating forces of the market. But they fail to recognise that the personal and moral targets they are pursuing with their hotel project are not listed on the stock exchange. No one is spared the obligation to make a profit.

When a guest finally strays into the wasteland as an ‘emissary of the economy’, their apparent saviour leads them to ruin. The ‘flourishing landscapes’ are lacking any social armour. The idyll has become a battlefield.


Oliver Bukowski was awarded the Mülheim Dramatist Prize for GÄSTE in 1999.

Production Team

Choir rehearsed by Paul Hille Assistant directors Ulf Dückelmann and Wolfgang Schuster

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Production rights granted by Gustav Kiepenheuer Bühnenvertrieb

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Supported by the Cultural Affairs Department of the City of Vienna (MA7). Federal Ministry for Arts, Culture, the Civil Service and Sport