SHADOW. Eurydice Says

by Elfriede Jelinek, translated by Gitta Honegger

Washington on February 23, 2023  
ACF Washington

New York on March 2, 2023  
ACF New York


@3007 / Eva Dranaz

Alexandra Sommerfeld ©3007

Solo-performance in English
with Alexandra Sommerfeld, Director Sabine Mitterecker, Sound Designer Wolfgang Musil

London on October 13, 2022

 „…as long as I can take my clothes with me, they are everything I am…“

Orpheus and Eurydice – are the embodiment of lovers. As Eurydice dies prematurely bitten by a snake, Orpheus ventures into the underworld to bring her back to life. Charming Hades with his music.But what happens if Eurydice doesn’t want to return? What if she refuses to be seen as the token of his love that he needs to redeem? What if she even discards the versions of female identity offered to her? Discards them like last season’s clothes? Ancient Greek myth and modern female reality are closely intertwined in Elfriede Jelinek’s text, addressing us through the perspective of an unexpected speaker. What if the object of desire itself raises her voice? 

 …full of humour and ambiguity, composed in highly musical language